About Us

Hi. We're Dorrmat.

We blend technology with home selling, plus almost 20 years of home selling experience with raving five-star reviews. Along our journey, we have been able to see the real estate market evolving, and we have designed a system that gives homeowners clear and conscience information to help them quickly and easily make the best decision for themselves.

Our job is simple. We are simply matchmakers between homeowners and homebuyers. Yet, real estate is not that easy, so we infuse our tech experience and real estate experience to give our homeowners and homebuyers one of the best experiences out there.

Our Mission
We are committed to streamlining the home selling experience and delivering the best possible experience for homeowners and homebuyers by making connections easier and clearer than ever before.
Our Vision
Our vision is the be the most recognized name when it comes to selling residential real estate in the world. It is easy to spell and easy to say: Dorrmat.
Our Focus of the Business
We started Dorrmat in 2019 with a vision to make the home selling and buying easy, more enjoyable, and more transparent. We saw an amazing opportunity to help real estate agents come from a position of consulting and providing property owners with more options for them to choose what works best for them to sell. Today, we are matchmakers help connect property owners with agents and agents with buyers to build one of the best home selling experiences in the market.  
How it all Began
How It Begin
The Dorrmat Team has come up with a way to deliver homeowners, home buyers, and real estate agents one of the best possible experiences in their real estate transactions. We have discovered that both homeowners and agents were confused about the new landscape of real estate. Thus, we set out to find and deliver the best experience for all parties tied to the real estate transaction, and we believe we did just that. Welcome to the Dorrmat Platform.
How It Begin